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Throughout beta testing and since our launch, we at  Versaries, LLC consistently get feedback about the great look and feel of the Versaries app.  Giving credit where credit is due, we sat down with Principle Creative, Chris Reiff.  Chris is a seasoned designer and illustrator with work seen in virtually every bookstore across the United States.  This is what he had to say about leading the creative effort behind  for Versaries, LLC:

Q:  What inspired the Versaries app look?
Chris:  There were many contributing themes that inspired the look of the app including clockwork mechanisms, steampunk, and even the TV show Wild Wild West.

Q:  Have you ever designed anything as complex of the Versaries app?
A:  Actually, yes.  I illustrated two sets of blueprints for DK Books which required a ton of detail.  More recently, I have been illustrating a Millennium Falcon 3D Owners guide – every detail of Han Solo’s ship from Star Wars has to be drawn to the tiniest detail.   In the toy world, the DragonBall Z action figure line featured some very complex yet small action figure mechanisms and detailed playsets.

Q:  What is your favorite feature in the Versaries app?
A:  I like the ability to switch between units by just touching the dial.  From an art standpoint, that part of the app required more than 10 layers to create.  Programming really brings it to life, making all of the reels move and spin.

Q: How long did it take to design and create the art for the Versaries app?
A: From initial rough concepts to various levels of final art, we probably took about six months.  That includes plenty of nights and weekends.

After downloading the Versaries™ app, you will want to enter some events worth noting. Over time, we will also be sharing special codes and eastereggs with users so they can easily add special events to their device.

To add a special code, simply go to the settings screen by pressing the bottom right button (it looks like a gear).  There you will find a “Codes” button.  Simply type in the code you found and the Versaries Time Machine will automatically populate special Versary™ Milestones related to your new special code.

Keep your eyes open for special codes, coming soon!

Server Apocalypse Averted

May 20th, 2011

We only released our app a week ago, but suddenly, we saw crazy traffic at our server tonight. After some investigating we realized that the huge spike in traffic was coming from ‘end of the world’ counters being created by Versaries users!  Some users created the event, then used the share feature in the app to post a live countdown to Facebook and Twitter.  The compounding effect of each user’s social network temporarily brought down our servers – but we have fully recovered and are better prepared for the tens of thousands of hits we can now receive.

To meet the need for a counter, we made our own special link to make the countdown easier to find. Here it is:

The Versaries App is now available in the App Store.

Versaries is Available in the App Store Updated

May 10th, 2011

We’re happy to announce that our homepage at has been updated with new information about the Versaries™ app.  Please enjoy the added detail about the app and its functionality prior to the release on iTunes.


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