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Cincinnati, Ohio, December 17th 2012 — More than 16 million Americans believe that December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world according to a new study by iPhone app developer Versaries, LLC.  The online study, conducted among more than a thousand Americans across the country, finds that 6.9% of them believe that Friday the 21st will be the end of the world – due to the Mayan apocalypse or some other doomsday scenario. That 6.9% represents more than 16 million people according to the US Census Bureau – a population larger than that of Illinois.

The trend is no surprise to iPhone app developer Daren Murrer, creator the countdown app Versaries™. “We always watch the buzz created through social media using the Versaries app,” says Murrer, “and plenty of people post about their anniversary, graduations, or other common special occasions. But by far, the most buzz comes from people anticipating the end of the world.”

Countdown to the End of the World with Versaries

Countdown to Anything, Including the End of the World With Versaries for iPhone

In May of 2011, the Versaries app was propelled to the top of the iTunes entertainment charts thanks to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping’s doomsday predictions.  When a user shared a countdown to the “end of the world” on Facebook, it brought more than 38,000 visitors to the Versaries website in less than 48 hours, temporarily crashing the service. “That’s when we knew we had a problem and something great happening” said Versaries co-founder Tom Humphrey

Despite attempts from politicians and even NASA to convince them otherwise, many Americans still believe that the end of the Mayan calendar on the 21st will be the end of days. The Versaries team is looking to help people mark the occasion by adding a new feature to the app. Now a partner of Walgreens Quickprints service, Versaries app users can create their own “End of the World” greeting cards and have them printed for pickup at their nearby Walgreens store. “If people think the world is ending next week, they might as well send a nice card to say goodbye” says Murrer.

The Versaries App is now free on the App Store.

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