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Your Personal Time Machine Awaits

Experience time in unexpected ways with the Versaries™ app. Versaries Interactive Time Machine will uncover once-in-a-lifetime special occasions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Versary™ Milestones happen all around us – whether it's the 1 Billionth Second since you were born, the exact moment when you have been married longer than you were single, or a milestone moment until your retirement - the Versaries app is a fun and free way to discover Versary Milestones worth celebrating.

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Add People   Add Events

Add friends, family, and yourself to the Versaries app and the Versaries Time Machine discovers milestones for you all.




Add special events from the past and future – a first date, pet adoptions, weddings, concerts, new jobs, baby due dates, retirements and more. The Versaries Time Machine will uncover and alert you to upcoming milestones related to events.

Share via Social Networks   Set Versary Alerts

Facebook and Twitter integration allows you to share Versary milestones with your friends. Post on a wall or to a feed; each Versary Milestone you share features an online Time Machine that friends can see in real time.


Never miss Versary milestones by setting alerts. Alerts are fully customizable, allowing notifications from one month to five minutes before a Versary Milestone happens.


Time Machine Dial   Every Versary Milestone has a unique Interactive Time Machine that displays time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Scroll the units dial to switch between units of time – in real time. The Versaries Time Machine is a robust date calculator too; just flip the wheel to convert any unit of time to another.

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